Al-Quds rally in London

Die islamistische Al-Quds-Demonstration in London [siehe Mobilisierung] wird in diesem Jahr am 6. November 2004 stattfinden. UnterstützerInnen der Demokratiebewegung im Iran werden dort folgendes Flugblatt verteilen:

Freedom Loving People of Britain,

The Islamic Republic of Iran is exploiting the Palestine issue as a propaganda tool by holding an AL-Qods day rally in the streets of London.

In its 25 years of existence, the Islamic Republic of Iran has executed thousands of Iranian dissidents, jailed hundreds of political activists, closed down all the newspapers for the slightest of criticisms of its outdated ideology, and assassinated scores of its opponents outside Iran, including in Europe and Britain.

A medieval regime which claims to represent God on earth is no friend of its own people and has little regard for the lives and well beings of its own citizens, let alone the Palestinians and others in the Middle East. Islamic Republic of Iran, is an evil regime which thrives on exporting Islamic fundamentalism, meddling in other countries, and sponsoring international terrorism.

A regime which treats her own people in such brutal manner, is no friend of any other nation including the Palestinians. Her only objective by holding this Al-Qods rally is nothing but inflaming further a sensitive situation in the region.
Islamic Republic of Iran is the same regime which purchased arms from Israel in the Iran-gate affair and yet refused the humanitarian aid by Israeli NGOs during the devastating Bam earthquake. Such are the priorities of the Islamic regime in Iran.

The Iranian people in the last twenty-five years have experienced with their flesh and bones, the injustices of the Islamic Republic. The Iranian people have experienced the false promises of its founder, Ayatollah Khomeini, when he promised them free electricity, water, buses etc. upon his return from exile, but his religious dictatorship has brought nothing to Iranians except poverty, corruption, and terrorism.

We ask you to defy their Al-Qods day of propaganda by all means you can. The solution to the problems of Middle East is not Islamic fundamentalism but a secular democratic regime in Iran which can bring about peace and prosperity to the people of the Middle East and security for the world.

As the protesting workers and teachers shouted in the streets of Iran, ‘Leave Palestine be, think of your own people

Supporters of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Iran
Alliance of Iranian Students